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December 24, 2005
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Red gold court gown by ladylucrezia Red gold court gown by ladylucrezia
I was flipping through my gallery and I realized...I never posted a pic of my red-gold gown, except my one ID! :faint: How dare I not post more about it! That's my fav, infamous gown! Anywho, here goes!

This gown was made based off the 8881 Simplicity pattern (the "Shakespeare in Love" pattern) back in 2003. Lennie and I worked together on this, and my mom helped too with the overskirt and the hemming. Well, I had planned on sticking to the pattern for it, but that just didn't really happen. I think only the bodice and underskirt followed the pattern, lol! Even still, I pretty much took out the evil princess seams, the bodice is overly boned, lined and interlined, it laces up the back with a lot of small brass grommets with a modesty panel behind it. The underskirt is cream satin with red silk velvet for the forepart. The overskirt and bodice (except the stomacher, which is also silk velvet) are red-gold metallic satin brocade. Love the fabric to death. It's got an acanthus floral pattern all over. So pretty! The overskirt laces up the front, while the underskirt has an elastic waistband. The sleeves were added on in 2004, based on the sleeves of this gown which I sold to my friend Kris [link] only they don't hang down as far. The sleeves have antique gold gimp trim and have 3 antique gold clasps per sleeve and tie on at the shoulder with grommets and lacing (with gold aglet tips). All the grommets on the gown were handsewn over with red thread (not embroidery thread...).

Other aspects of the gown. The ruff was purchased but later beaded with numerous pearls by me. The bodice jewelry (not the brooches though) was made by me and can be seen better in this picture [link] . The earrings [link] were also made by me, as were the two huge rings on my right hand. Oh, also made the red/gold tapestry pouch and the black pouch.

Unfortunately, for some reason the front of the split-front overskirt is folded in such a way that you can't see the cream/pearl trim down each side. But it's there ^^; As are the beaded/aglet ties to close the overskirt to protect the underskirt from rain damage. And one of these years, I'll get a picture of the spiffy beading on the bodice... The brocaded part of the front of the bodice is beaded really nicely. I just need a new, detailed picture of this gown :b Ah well, there's always next year!


Other pictures of this gown:

[link] (you can see the overskirt trim there)
[link] (closeup of neckline...very old pic)

Photo (c) me
Dress design (c) me!!

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FireAngelSgr Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
This gown actually is very reminiscent of Isabella of Portugal's gown (which I am currently basing my newest gown off of :D). So it's kind of funny that you went with a pattern, ended up not following it, took a sleeve design from a different dress and ended up with something awesome and accurate! Awesome!

I love all your gowns and flick through your gallery frequently :)
primulatook Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gorgeous! i love the colour...i love the accessories!
Sabatuar Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2007
don't get me wrong, I really love the gown, but maybe you should make the underskirt shorter so the hoops wont show
janirose Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
I don't actually know how to sew (yet!), but I have this pattern and I eventually want to make it - but I hate those princess seams in the bodice!! how did you get rid of them?
elflady Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007
oh my gosh, that gown is gorgeous!!!
i love medieval faires and costuming, i only have a wench costume, but i have been begging my mom for a gown, since i have no sewing talent whatsoever.
absolutely gorgeous design and detailing! :)
ladylucrezia Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
Beg some more and go on about how you'd be sooo happy to be able to run around in a pretty gown, and how you'd like to show off your mom's sewing skills :giggle:
InKibus Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
Ye gods, that's alot of work! And it's gorgeous. :D
trinity-lea Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
OMG i dont think i ever saw this picture, and i love this garb!!
ladylucrezia Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
Hehe, thanks! That's the garb most everyone recognizes me by. It's my trademark outfit at Faire :giggle: It was also my first real garb :D
Izixa Featured By Owner May 2, 2006  Student General Artist
Nice much nicer than the gowns out at scarbrough faire in my area :) . Why do women want make their skirts short enough to see their ankles with these though? That seems to allude me.
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